Our mission:

By offering online personal training and yoga instruction, the Healthy People Project, LLC aims to help people like you achieve your full potential.

Launched in 2020, The Healthy People Project, LLC is the only platform that offers online personal training, yoga instruction, wellness advice, and FREE exercise prescriptions for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle in an era where staying home saves lives. 

Meet the Team

Sean, Personal Trainer

Sean received his Exercise Science degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado in 2017. He worked as a world-class Personal Trainer for 2 years and became certified as a Diabetes Specialist and Wellness Coordinator. Sean is also an amateur MMA fighter who is pursuing life as a professional fighter.

“My name is Sean Etsitty. My grandma’s name is Mae Fern Etsitty and she lived a really simple life and was really healthy. I believe in living like her. You should enjoy what you have and it should never be too easy, because then you’re going to get stressed out.”

“Before I worked hard everyday on an off-grid homestead, I liked exercise because that was my way of working hard in a soft world. I think we live in a society that works 8 hours for others and work 0 hours for themselves, and we need to change that.”

I think everyone can work hard and can choose to work hard for themselves. Just pick the hard work for you. Whether it’s a walk or a few dead-lifts, do what works for you and build on that. I believe in simple. I believe we should all live a simple life and anyone who doesn’t believe in that is probably trying to lie to you.”

Samantha, Yoga Instructor

Samantha received her RYT 200 hour yoga certification in 2016 and has been teaching yoga ever since. She also received a degree in Environmental Science from Florida State University in 2018 and later became a science teacher. Samantha is pursuing her passion for art through music, design, and painting.

“My name is Samantha Garrison and I live for God and my father, Buddy Garrison, who lived his life with a half-full cup and could make anyone smile. ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’ was his motto, my dad taught me how important it is to maintain your health with exercise and smiles.”

I hope to help people achieve their lifestyle goals through yoga instruction, as it is a balancing technique for life, where you familiarize yourself with your own body, bringing balance and harmony. By committing to a yoga routine, you will be taking the first step to attaining your fullest potential, remember, ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’.”